Welcome Miracles and HARD-ONS

Thanks for being here on my blog today. I am sharing a new look, a new direction, and FINALLY…the title of my much-mentioned memoir project. Ready? (Um, yeah!)

Miracles and HARD-ONS: Self-Amends of a Sensual Masseuse. I am so excited! Don’t let the brevity of this blogpost fool you, I am pumped. Also, I have a work-friendly newsletter/list up, I’d love it if you’d join me there.

The high heels header indicates I’m willing to dive into the white hot anger that I associate with my personal expression of the feminine. It makes no sense, it has caused chaos uncontrollable, and I’m ready to give this over to the page and enjoy life as a woman.

An avant-garde writer’s life is simply LIVED. So thanks for your forgiveness of me regarding timely communication. I’m so dang happy and grateful to FINALLY share this part of my life with you. Keep being BOLD on the page and your personal stage of life and forgive yourself. It’s free!

Warmly, MJ



2 thoughts on “Welcome Miracles and HARD-ONS

    1. peacegeneral Post author

      Hey, thank you very much for this question. A free platform like WordPress let’s you get out all the kinks. So yes, I recommend a blog!



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