George Michael Submitted to His Writing

I am deeply grateful for George Michael right now. In the wake of his spirit’s release from the body, I feel stunned as I uncover an appreciation for his ability as a singer and writer. Like many, I am engrossed in watching tributes, old videos, and live interviews. What stands out the most in my awareness is this:

George Michael submitted to his writing gifts.

Evidently the mega-pop star submitted to his demons too, as his private life attests. Then there was the Freeek music video I had never seen until yesterday. Lots of submission going on there! Submission in the holiest sense is never weak, it is strength and honor.

George Michael honored his gift despite the personal pain he felt with fame and coming out as gay. He studied songwriting, he practiced it, he shared it. The December 27 tribute program on *ABC’s 20/20 show ended with a clip of the Grammy award-winning artist in his own words. The focus? George Michael’s clear thoughts on the privilege of writing for others.

This blog post feels woefully inadequate — in my writing and in a gratitude-come-lately sort of way. Yet gratitude is never late, indeed that is impossible. Feelings are in the now and nowhere else. May we choose to feel good now and discard temptation to ignore our gifts. Thank you, George Michael, for inspiring submission to my writing.


*(This show also honored Carrie Fisher, and that’s a whole ‘nother matter for me.)



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