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LinkedIN to Vision

Vision ~ where are my thoughts? Are they focused on creating peace or making war? Vision is feeling inner peace beyond and despite what my outer sight sees. With 2017 as my witness, I am willing to admit that I have been at war with my stated mission — dissolving shame.

I cannot control what other people think, yet this is the hidden mission of my ego when it comes to my writing (or anything else). I think “mission control” is blinding me right into the shame hole. Thankfully, I am wiser now and I know how to climb out of a hole. Ask for peace to undo the error and take corrective action.

Today I asked for peace. And in my meditation, I was guided to write down my vision and purpose. Now I clearly see that my mission serves a vision, not the other way around. Same with a purpose. If I write to serve peace, then my mistaken examples of shame will illuminate the higher path instead of staying stuck on the low road. (Thank you, mediation.)

So, to honor this new choice — focusing on vision — I’ve decided to have this blog and my LinkedIN profile reflect the rich opportunity to connect in peace. Thank you abundantly to all who cheered on my new job title memoir blogger at Miracles and HARD-ONS. Who were excited about writing, courtship, and marriage. That’s all still true. However, a new leader is at the helm. Vision ~

  • My vision ~ a forgiven world as peace, love, and joy
  • My purpose ~ activating a forgiven world
  • My mission ~ writing to dissolve shame
  • My 2017 goal ~ complete the writing of my memoir

I wish you clarity as your New Year’s gift, cherished reader. Self-forgiveness lights the way. In that spirit, I kindly share the intuitive symbol that came to me after many months of walking this path and finding forgiveness of my many mistakes. Peace ~


                      Self-forgiveness lights the way