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Writing Flow, Prayer Flow

Greetings to my precious blog tribe~!

I’ve been gone yet not lost in my posted writing. LOTS of changes! And more to come.

I would love to feel you on my email list — a newsletter is in its early creation stages where I share more on my writing process, my (non-denominational) prayer process, and many of my wild life experiences that brought me to the inner altar (the heart! my writing source!) which is where my NEW memoir focus shall go.

Yep. Changes. The title of my memoir is officially TOAST. It is no longer Miracles and HARD-ONS. It has no name for now. If you’ve ever heard of muscle testing, it’s a neat way to ask if something is optimal for you. For instance, I asked “Is the title Miracles and HARD-ONS” most optimal? And I got back NO.

I felt crushed. Resistant. And then…I surrendered! I PRAYED. And a good feeling immediately came. This empty space filled me with wisdom. And writing flowed and flowed. It’s not for the blog. YET.

Here’s my best advice…PRAY AND MAKE THE FEELING THE PRAYER. What? You might be asking. And I answer, the feeling is the prayer. My teacher Gregg Braden taught me this as did many of the spiritual masters I choose to follow. Click here for Gregg’s YouTube video on how to feel the prayer. Be prepared to be AMAZED. It shows directly how peace is possible.