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Feeling the Light

Welcome, December. I love you.

I love the light. Or so I say. Time to manifest it that way~!!! Why oh why have I insisted on a focus of forgiveness AS my writing? Because I had not surrendered to embracing the light as my only truth and highest good.

My blog was titled “Forgiving Feminine Power” and oh girl, did I have a lot to share in this crazy vein. I still do. Yet if I’m constantly focused on the need to forgive, guess what? Then that’s all I am going to produce on the earth plane. Time to change focus!

What you think about, you bring about. This is not a yada-yada mantra. It’s higher mind’s divine law. As brilliant a topic as forgiveness is…as much as we require massive shifts in consciousness through forgiving what we think we cannot forgive…as much as I long to be a teacher in this holy topic as my contribution to peace in our time…I must embody it as my daily process and let it be.

Let it be sang The Beatles. Did you know John Lennon wrote his song and whole album Mind Games based on his inspired fascination of mystic thinker Jean Houston? Her book Mind Games shows us a way out of our thinking that peace is not possible. I heard a recent teleseminar of Jean’s this week where she taught on quantum power. It inspired me to change my blog focus. Here’s a gold nugget as to why so many people are experiencing chaos or stagnation in their lives. We are…

Frustrated to the point of really needing to wake up.

Yes, Jean! Right you are, girl! Time to feel the light. Maybe it’s December, maybe it’s just my time to wake up, but I am making my New Year’s resolution NOW. I am feeling the light in a life that is mine to embrace — happy writing; joyful courtship of my readers and team; courtship and marriage with a life partner who is my friend, my spirit mate, and my holy mirror in Love.

Thank you for allowing me the grace to quietly ask you, dear reader, for your forgiveness. My¬†unwillingness to court the spark in our relationship has frustrated me into right action. I took this picture below by the East River in Brooklyn after attending a monologue¬†show by Penny Arcade. She spoke in a similar way as Jean…time to let our frustration wake us up. And in MJ terms…Time to feel the light.


Light-in-Motion by the East River

Do you feel the light in this picture? I do. It is showing in my writing. I look forward to sharing with you. Happy December, Happy Christmas, Happy Holiday Light to all.